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Book The Sixty-Fourth

Spares, by Michael Marshall Smith

Jack Randell is on the run with a group of Spares – human clones created so that the rich can have replacement parts for when they hedonism themselves into serious accidents.

I first heard about this story years ago, when rigorously critiquing the move The Island with a friend of mine. The core concept is similar enough that the book’s author and the movie’s producers racked up a small amount of court time discussing a few issues. Which is sort of odd, as the Spares, except for providing the story with a title, are pretty much just a McGuffin to kick Randell into a bunch of weird situations, almost none of which actually involve the clones.

This book may not have as many bizarre ideas as Smith’s Only Forward, but it comes close. It creates a twisted world that only borders on being comprehensible, and once again the main character is horribly relatable.

This isn’t exactly what is advertised by the title, but is probably the most fun you’ll have reading this month, so you should acquire a copy.


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