Book The Sixty-Sixth

Son of Man by Garth Ennis

Chas has just made a terrible mistake. To pay off some gambling debts, he’s agreed to drive a man to a place. Sadly, the man is a hitman, gunning for the brother of the London’s most vicious crime lord. The hit fails, the assassin is dead, and Chas doesn’t know where to turn. The he remembers that his best friend, John Constantine, is a magician. Sadly, Constantine has a history with this crime lord – a history that paralyses him with fear – and also, as he says, whenever you really, really need magic to work; it won’t.

This is, to my mind, the definitive Hellraiser story. At turns terrifying and funny, crisp dialogue, great characterisation, and as entertaining as all hell. It also helps that it stands alone far better than most of the other collections. You could read this with no idea of who the characters were and still make perfect sense of it.


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