Book The Fifty-Fifth

Venus in Furs by Leopold von-Sacher Masoch

The seminal work from the man who gave his name to the practice of masochism.

I remember discussing this idea with a friend of mine who had a bit more experience in that area than I did. (I don’t like pain: it hurts.) She told me that, really, it’s the subs that have a lot of the power. I sort of get that after reading this: Severin is a needy figure, but his need is arguably domineering in the way that he forces Wanda to enslave and whip him.

Actually, more than a how-to guide for pain-as-aphrodisiac, this is a good primer about listening to ones partner. Severin’s problems are all basically that he didn’t pay attention to Wanda’s needs.

Either way, not a bad wee book.

And here is Tom Lehrer with a song that is appropriate to it all.


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