Book The Forty-Fourth

Horns by Joe Hill

Ig Perrish wakes up one morning with an awful hangover and horns protruding from his head. More disturbingly, when he asks his girlfriend about them, rather than offer helpful advice, or even scream in terror, she calmly admits a sexual infidelity from the night before and asks Ig’s permission to give into her most sinful desires.

This book upset the hell out of me. The first hundred-and-something pages consist almost entirely of Ig trying to find sympathy from his friends and family, and watching as they systematically come under the influence of the horns and reveal that they don’t like him as much as they say they did, and are less sure than they claimed that he was innocent in the gruesome murder of his girlfriend the previous year.

Then it gets weird.

I really do like Joe Hill’s stuff, and recommend that everyone reads it.


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