Book The Forty-Third

Who Killed Amanda Palmer by Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

A collection of photos of Amanda Palmer dead, accompanied by lyrics from the album of the same name and short stories by Neil Gaiman.

This was short, but it was fun. I am already familiar with the lyrics, having owned the album for a while now. The Gaiman stories were nothing that fans of his work wouldn’t expect, but they were entertaining for it. A touch expensive, especially given that I was more interested in the few stories than the many photos (which were very good, but my brain is wired for prose) but also of great value as an historical artefact, as this is the project that introduced Palmer and Gaiman, who are now engaged and are, in the words of one perspicacious fan, the Bradgelina of emos and artfags.


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  1. taikonaut

    This is where I whore out my cameo in the Leeds Utd video again, yes?

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