Book The Thirty-Ninth

My Life On The Line by Ron Grant

The autobiography of Ron Grant, the first man to run around Australia. He circumnavigated the country, covering almost 14000 miles, averaging over sixty kilometres every day.

This book was pressed into my hands by the charming drunk man who lives a few doors down from me, who insisted that it was inspirational. And honestly, Grant’s example is: by his own admission he is only a mid-level athlete, who claims anyone could do what he did if they had the right mindset. That having been said, the book as an artefact is nowhere near as inspirational. It is a day-to-day memoir of an eight month run around a country that is ninety-percent desert. It is not an exaggeration to say that this book consists almost entirely of “Ran a lot today. My feet hurt. Met some people as I ran. Ran some more. My feet hurt.” for over three hundred pages. Also, despite the fact that this was proudly ghost-written, it swaps tense in the middle of sentences and there is more than a few grammar mistakes, so I’m not sure how the ghost was earning their paycheque.

I certainly respect Grant’s achievement, but it is not the greatest account of them imaginable.


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