Book The Twenty-Eighth

The Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussmann

Jane Bussmann moved to Hollywood to become a famous writer. Months later she was half-assedly writing celebrity gossip and hating herself. After an eye-opening interview with Ashton Kutcher (which in itself should have been a sign that things were not gong well…) Bussmann starts to re-evaluate her life. At the same time she meets and falls desperately in lust with a human rights activist, so on a whim travels to Uganda, basically because the McDreamy of international aid assumes she is a real reporter and she doesn’t want to disappoint him.

This book takes a while to get to Africa, but her stuff about the business of celebrity journalism was brilliant and funny and eye-opening. (We all know it’s shallow, but even a jaded celebrity-watcher such as myself was surprised by just how shallow…)

The real money, though, is when she gets to Uganda, and discovers the extent of the corruption and evil involved in what is seen as a relatively minor matter by the United Nations. Bussmann never loses her acerbic, solipsistic narrative style, but even so, the reader is drawn into the horror and helplessness she feels as she is confronted by tragedy on a scale she had not previously considered.

This is a great book, and highly recommended. It is one of the few books that has taught me a lot while at the same time kept me laughing throughout.


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