Book The Twenty-Second

The Simping Detective by Si Spurrier

Jack Point is a Simp, someone who dresses like a clown and acts like an idiot. He is also a detective, who was kicked out of the justice department for insubordination. Or was he?

This story contains hands-down the best noir dialogue I have ever read. It’s such an over the top noir-detective story that it almost circles around to become a loving homage rather than an unsubtle parody.

If I had any problem it would be the pedantic issue of having read this so close to Spurrier’s novel Contract, which shares many of the tropes used in The Simping Detective. (They’re wholly different stories, but both about hard-nosed characters to who kill people and feel sorry for themselves, and there’s an almost-identical digression in both stories about disposing of bodies down ones plughole. Hell, the main characters of both have the last name ‘Point’. But I’m just kvetching now – it really was great.)

Very good, and well worth reading. Probably more for fans of 2000AD than for normal people, as it is set in the milieu of Judge Dredd, which can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with it to begin with, but still highly entertaining and a great read.


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