Book The Fifteenth

Contract by Simon Spurrier

Michael Point is a hitman. He has been caught and is being interrogated; whereupon he tells his tale. A tale about how the people he kills just won’t stay dead; how he finds himself drawn into something he doesn’t understand, and how his life starts spiralling out of control.

This book is great. I’ve been enjoying Si Spurrier’s column Short n’ Curlies for a while now, and have been liking his comic work that I’ve picked up, and I was very impressed with his debut novel. The narrator is a painfully flawed, but horribly relatable character, and it is impossible not to like him; nor feel sympathy as his well-ordered life crashes down around him.

Given how much I liked this book, I feel like I’m doing it a disservice by not raving on and on about it for untold pages, but really, the only salient point is: find yourself a copy and read it – you’ll like it.


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