Book The Eleventh

An Education by Lynn Barber

The story of Barber’s life, which has apparently been made into a movie that people quite like. Whereas I understand the movie to be mainly about the affair she had as a teenager with an older man, that is one chapter of this book which otherwise deals with her entire life.

It’s probably due more to my appalling attention span than any particular literary taste, but I really do like it when people cut the boring bits out of their autobiographies. An Education has eight or so chapters, which are compartmentalised into the different phases of her life: childhood; teenaged affair; university/meeting future husband; different phases of career in journalism; husband’s death, then we’re done. While that may come across as being somewhat disjointed, Barber doesn’t miss out any of the important stuff, and tells her story with an air of fun that is sorely lacking in many other books.

Read it.


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