Book The Sixth

The Lost Gospel by Herbert Krosney

The story of the discovery and eventual restoration of the Gnostic gospel of Judas.

Krosney goes off on a lot of tangents to fill the book, and each of them are exactly as engaging as their subject matter. For example, my passing interests in theology and archaeology meant that I rather enjoyed the discussions on Judas’ character and the chapter digressing into the discovery and translation of the Nag Hamadi texts; but the chapter on the murky politics of antiquities trading wasn’t exactly the stuff of Indiana Jones.

The problem is that Krosney wants to present the story of the gospel of Judas as an historical mystery/thriller. While some parts of the story fit into this view – for example when the codex was among the artefacts stolen a brazen and intrigue-filled theft – most of the gospel’s near forty-year history since it was unearthed has been “we don’t know where it was for a while, then this guy had it, then this guy and this guy” and so forth. Not exactly edge-of-the-seat stuff.

As for the actual gospel itself – presented in translation at the end of the book – it is mostly your usual Gnostic nonsense, but has the odd nice image, and does turn Christianity on its head, which isn’t nothing.

Overall: a fairly interesting book, but one that it takes a while to plod through.


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  1. McSweeny’s has found “The Gospel According To His Good Friend Dennis”:

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