Book The Seventh

A Dull Roar by Henry Rollins

Rollins’ diary for five months, during which he worked on his tv and radio shows, went on tour with the original line-up of the Rollins Band, self-edited one of his books and filmed the masterpiece of modern cinema that is Wrong Turn 2.

Anyone who is familiar with Rollins’ work will know what to expect here – the rantings of a deeply unhappy workaholic who hates himself only slightly less than he hates everyone else. This book is exactly what it advertises: Rollins’ diary, and as such is certainly only for fans. It is somewhat repetitive and narratively all-over-the-place. Although he is involved in almost every media of entertainment one can name during this book, there is almost no information about any of these endeavours, simply vitriol directed at everyone Rollins encounters in his day-to-day life and a lot of detail about how many press-ups he did that day.

A must-have for Rollins fans, but probably not the best entry-level text for anyone who wanted to check out his work.


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