Book The One Hundred And Twenty-Third

Dear Me edited by Joseph Galliano

Letters by British celebrities to their sixteen-year-old selves giving words of wisdom, advice and encouragement.

This was a very mixed bag. A lot of the contributions consisted of scrawled notes reading in their entirety “buck up, it’ll all turn out okay”. The longer, more thought-out efforts were more interesting, although they did get a bit samey after a while.

There were some gems: Danny Wallace’s and Jon Ronson’s were great, but I suppose I’m already a fan of their respective works. Far and away the best was Stephen Fry’s contribution, readable here.

This is a nice little book to dip in and out of, but probably not worth paying full price for. I highly recommend you read Fry’s letter in the link above, but other than that, well, maybe if you see the book on special for five bucks…


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