Book The One Hundred And Twenty-Fifth

Dark Entries by Ian Rankin

In the immediate past I accused the recent Hellblazer comic Scab of being a paint-by-numbers affair. Dark Entries, which sees John Constantine investigating a haunted-house themed reality show, has exactly the same numbers drawn on the canvas: Threat from Constantine’s dodgy past; unsubtle social commentary; awkward balance between Constantine being a dick and being scared and vulnerable. All there. That having been said, this story fares better than the last. It probably won’t win a Pulitzer and it was more than a little predictable, but it killed an hour quite nicely and counts as a solid Constatine story.

Right, that’s me done. I’ve just picked up a 1000 page book that I don’t anticipate finishing in the next ten or so days, so the experiment of writing about things is over. I might carry it on next year, I’m not sure. On the one hand, I’m quite lazy, and would hate this to become a chore; on the other, after this year, which has consisted almost entirely of comics and young adult bollocks, I sort of want to spend a year proving that I read growed-up books for adults.

We’ll see…


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