Books The One Hundred And Twentieth And One Hundred And Twenty-First

(Off to Australia tomorrow where, as I understand it, they don’t have the internet, so I’ll throw up the three or four remaining things I’ve read over the course of today. If I can be bothered writing them…)

The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite and Dallas by Gerard Way

These two comics/graphic novels, written by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, follow the exploits of the Umbrella Academy – seven (mostly) weird individuals raised from infancy by an inhuman professor who trained them to save the world.

This is great. It is fast-paced, frighteningly peculiar, and filled with pathos despite the fact that it never takes itself too seriously. It is, in short, exactly what comics should be. I read a fair amount of comics but very few of them have the sense of fun possessed by The Umbrella Academy.

Not for fans of subtlety or, say, narrative structure, but if you want an hour or two of sheer fun, this is the place to look.

My Chemical Romance is still arse, though. I don’t get why Gerard Way devotes so much of his time to making awful, awful music, and so little time to making such brilliant comics. Life’s just not fair, I suppose…


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