Book The One Hundred And Twenty-Second

Scab by Peter Milligan

Another John Constantine comic, wherein Constantine is afflicted with a hideous skin deformity as a result of past sins, which is disappointingly soulless. I’m a big fan of Peter Milligan’s work, but, for the first story in this collection it was like he had checklist of what should go into an issue of Hellblazer: Threat from Constantine’s dodgy past? Check. Grotesquely unsubtle parable for socialism? Check. Awkward balance between Constantine being a dick and being scared and vulnerable? Check. This story has everything that one would expect, but it is like Milligan was making sure the elements were all there, building from a kitset, and the result is a story that failed to engage at any level.

The next story, wherein Constantine deals with a haunting on the site of a former plague-pit, fires a bit more and reads less like a paint-by-numbers story but overall, after the brilliant Hellblazer stuff that has been coming out over the last few years, this was disappointing.


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