Book The One Hundred And Seventeenth

True Red by Tuhoe Isaac

The memoir of former Mongrel Mob president: his youth, his time in the gang and his eventual journey out of that life.

This was a fascinating look into the mind of a mobster. Isaac explains his mindset and while he does not present himself as a sympathetic figure, he is an understandable one; he does not try to make excuses for his behaviour, but there are reasons for it and he presents the choices he made and the thought (or lack thereof) behind them.

My one caveat for this book is that it isn’t very well written. While that sort of thing would usually bother me, I liked that we got the story from the mouth of the man who lived it – second had accounts are more than fine, and often serve to make an otherwise lifeless or muddled account readable, but there’s a niceness to having it direct from the source. (That having been said, this seems to have had a ghost writer, so hell if I know how that guy earned his money…)

Not the easiest book in the world to find a copy of, but worth the effort.


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