Book The One Hundred And Twelfth

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling

It’s over! It’s oovvvveeeeeerrrr!!!

Finally, my bet with my Year 12s is over! And as a pleasant co-incidence, there are no more Young Adult books on my to-read pile! I can go back to reading books like a proper grown-up. Hell, I’m slightly scared…

I suppose I’d better talk about the books for a minute…

You know what I liked about the Tom Cruise remake of War of the Worlds? The constant noise and chaos and noise and shaky camera work and noise really got-across the panic; the feeling of being in the middle of everything as it all came crashing down.

Of course, what that meant in practical terms was that the movie was jarringly loud and got on my nerves because my ears hurt.

Pages 100-500 of the last Harry Potter book try to get across several boring, frustrating months of Harry’s life as he and his friends sit around getting annoyed.

It works.

Then, finally, after literally hundreds of pages of dragging, interminable bollocks, the story resolves itself quite satisfyingly. This book typifies everything that is right about Harry Potter: easy to read; more than one clever idea; engaging story. Sadly, it also typifies everything that is wrong: namely that all of those good things could have been done in three hundred pages – probably less, if I’m honest – but it spreads it throughout needless nonsense that fatally slows the story down.

All in all, the books weren’t bad, and I’m pleased I read them, but I’m not happy that I read, at a rough estimation, 2500 pages to get maybe 1800 pages worth of story.

Either way, it’s over. Let’s go read books for grown ups.


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