Book The One Hundred And Eleventh

The Shack by Wm Paul Young

Mack is grieving the loss of his daughter from three years earlier, when he gets a note ostensibly from God arranging a meeting.

I’ve had the children and a couple of the school Anglicans (which is the closest thing to a Catholic I feel I can trust) rave about this, so my expectations were high. Sadly, this book is pretty much just a post-modern version of the apologetics I was exposed to back in my church-going days. It’s well-written, and just hippyish enough to make it appeal to a new age, new millennium audience, but in essence it boils down to “bad things happen in the world because shut the hell up, that’s why!”

A nice little book, especially if what you’re looking for is just reassurance that the answer is “trust God, because He’s God”, but if you want something slightly more thought-out, this isn’t the theology you’re looking for.


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