Book The One Hundred And Eighth

The Enemy by Charlie Higson

Finally! I was wondering how long it would take me to meet a zombie book I didn’t like.

The story of this one is simple enough: a strange illness turns everyone over fourteen into brainless cannibals, so the plucky kids have to survive as they wander across London looking for a safe haven

The world-without-adults thing has been done better, and the fast-angry zombies thing has been done much better; notably in 28 Days Later. So while this book wasn’t awful, I could have watched 28 Days Later a couple of times in the amount of time it took me to read it, so it was a wasted effort.

28 Days Later is a great movie. You should watch it.


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One response to “Book The One Hundred And Eighth

  1. Wasn’t it just? Better than 28 Weeks Later. Just couldn’t click with those kids.

    Watch the first scene though with the zombies on the farm before he escapes in the boat, that’s bit’s good.

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