Book The One Hundred And Sixth

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling

Sod me this was long.

Sure, there was a nice story to it, but I genuinely don’t understand why it took so many pages to tell it.

Thinking about it, Order of the Meandering Search for a Plotline was the one movie I saw a few years ago. I remember it clearly: Harry spent several hours being emo about something that was never explained then there was a fight scene for no discernable reason.

In defence of the book, it does spend (too much) time explaining why Harry is upset. There are many parts of this book that would have made for a charming and fun movie – none of which made it into the actual adaptation, which was a pointless, dragging mess. This book was easily three-hundred pages too long (if I’m being generous) and yet they cut out the funny bits, the quirky bits, and the bits that explained and/or furthered the story, and kept the bollocks.

Five books in, and I still don’t understand this Harry Potter thing…


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