Book The One Hundred and First

Breathers by SG Browne

Andy is a recently reanimated zombie. Shunned by society, he turns to Undead Anonymous, a support group where he and others in his position try to help each other get on with what is left of their lives.

Thinking back (and I’m too lazy to actually check) almost every zombie book I’ve written about this year – and there have been quite a few – has come with a caveat something along the lines of “if you like zombies you’ll like this”. Breathers is the first zombie book this year that I think would have a crossover appeal to non fans. It is smart, funny, well-written, and moves along at just the right pace.

Read this, I think you’ll like it. Bonus benefit: you’ll get in on the ground floor of liking-it-before-it-was-popular, as Diablo Cody has signed on to produce the movie adaptation.

I, for one, can’t wait for Browne’s next book.


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