Book The One Hundredth

The Shadow In The North by Philip Pullman

A hundred books you say? Well, aren’t I erudite and some kind of genius? If only a solid eighty percent of the crap I’ve read this year weren’t comics or kids books…

The second in the Sally Lockhart quartet, and pretty much the same as the first. There were too many unnecessary characters, and Pullman’s attempts to build a complex mystery really just boiled down to being needlessly convoluted.

Also of note: about halfway through the book, I strongly considered doing a page count of scenes featuring Sally compared to those featuring her paramour Fred, her sidekick Jim, or the various other “irregular” type characters, because, frankly, until the last few dozen pages, this didn’t seem to be a book about Sally Lockhart at all: she seemed little more than a supporting character. Which is fine, but for a series called The Sally Lockhart Mysteries, Pullman seemed profoundly uninterested in that particular character. (I didn’t end up doing that page count. I’m easily amused, but not quite that easily…)

Might take a break between this one and the next, and get some zombie literature down me…


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