Book The Ninetieth

God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens doesn’t believe in God. No, I mean he REALLY doesn’t believe in God. In this book he tells you why he thinks you shouldn’t either.

This is very well written, and it really is a pleasure to read arguments as well thought-out as the ones presented in this book.  Strange as it may sound, though, the biggest revelation was the forcefulness of Hitchens’ atheism. Maybe it’s part of working in a school where, technically, I’m not allowed to admit to the children that I’m not Catholic, but it’s been a while since I came across anyone who didn’t defer to the comparatively safe position of agnosticism. (If Brother Olthwaite would update the excellent Lolly Scramble site, I might be able to get my fix for such things. Go and poke him with a stick.) It is somewhat refreshing to see someone who is not a member of an extreme right-wing religious group present an argument with force and passion.

Also, I must say that after years of searching for a comfortable definition of my system of belief, I did like Hitchens’ description of Abraham Lincoln as “a tormented skeptic with a tendency to deism.”



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  1. Eric Olthwaite

    Whassat? did someone poke me with a stick?

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