Book The Eighty-Ninth

The King James Bible, by God and various

In between other books, I’ve been reading the King James Bible, because, you know, I haven’t before. Now I’ve finished.

This was an interesting experience, and if I had the inclination, I’d write more about it. (I am, however, lazy, so this will be short.) The history books of the Bible read a lot more like the mythologies of other cultures (especially the ones I’m familiar with given my day job of teaching people about the Greeks and Romans) than I had expected. Not in content (well, not only in content) but thematically – it was easy to see how the stories had evolved from the same cultural influences and need to impose order on the universe.

The books of the prophets were fun, as I’ve always liked the hellfire and brimstone aspect of preaching, and these books in this translation are literally where that all came from.

The New Testament was much more familiar territory, as I covered most of it in bite-sized chucks during my teenage years in the church. Still, interesting to see the little differences between things I was taught and what is actually written in context…

Right, now off to read Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great


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