Book The Eighty-Second

Razorjack by John Higgins

Distracting wee comic about an extra-dimensional evil finding a toe-hold into our universe, and the people who need to stop it.

There are some killer ideas in this story, and a pack of well-done if not entirely original characters, but the pacing was wildly off. I’m a fan of jumping feet first into the action scenes and not getting bogged down by unnecessary things like plot, but Razorjack took that to extremes. Characters weren’t given any real introduction, a couple of important scenes were implied rather than actually shown, and it generally had the sense of trying to tell a two-hundred page story in less than half that amount of space.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve certainly read worse than this – like I say, some clever ideas and so forth – but the back cover was filled with reviews that were flattering to the point of worship from writers whose works I respect, and I’m just not sure Razorjack deserves quite that much praise…


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