Book The Eighty-First

Visiting Hours by Shane L Koyczan

This is a collection of poetry by spoken-word artist Koyczan. It is brilliant. I bought this book on the recommendation of people who saw him at the writer’s festival ages back (it took me six months to find the book, and longer than that to read it – don’t look at me like that! The fact that I have a dozen boxes of unread books makes me better than you, not worse…). I first listened to the CD that came with the book, and had to have a lie down after listening to My Darling Sara. I gave the CD to a fellow English teacher, and a few days later, I got an excited text from her because she had just listened to the same poem and wanted to talk about it. And I think that’s the key – these poems are exciting. Koyczan does things with language that I haven’t seen before.

This is almost impossible to find in bookshops (or so the woman in the store that I denuded of its only copy told me) but there is footage of Koyczan’s performances on youtube and a couple of poems in the link above, which I highly recommend you check out.

Here is Koyczan performing This Is My Voice in Auckland.


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