Book The Eightieth

Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos by Jim Starlin

When I was, I dunno, around sixteen, a comic series called The Infinity Gauntlet came out. Briefly: the super villain Thanos had acquired the ultimate power in the universe, and used it to murder half of the living beings in creation. The remaining superheroes of Earth and various intergalactic entities had to try to stop him. It was, quite simply, the grandest, most cosmic story I had read in my life to that point.

The Rebirth of Thanos is a collection of a several comics that laid the groundwork for that series, showing Thanos’ quest to attain the power, and detailing his (nominally ecological) motivations for doing what he did.

This really appealed to the sixteen year old fanboy in me. I don’t know how much it would appeal to anyone else, especially how mired it is in Marvel comics continuity (you really need to know who most of the characters are in advance for the story to make much sense I think) but it was a great flashback to my youth, and I loved it.


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