Book The Seventy-Seventh

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

A teen computer-guy (what they used to call a hacker when I was a young’un, but they probably have a cooler more modern name now) is on the street without an alibi when San Francisco is hit by a terrorist attack that kills thousands. Eventually released from a secret prison after he has been interrogated, broken, and found to be innocent, he finds that his city has become a veritable police state, and decides to fight back using the only weapon he has: a bunch of computer skills and years of experience avoiding authority figures.

This was very good. It was filled with technical information (which, given what a techgeek Doctorow is, is probably all legit) but wasn’t overwhelmed by it. The story moved along well, and the characters were sympathetic, and, more importantly, their paranoia was catching.

Read this one.


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