Book The Seventy-Fifth

Tim: defender of the Earth by Sam Enthoven

A giant, genetically modified tyrannosaur is released, and forms a bond with a disaffected teenager just in time to fight a mad scientist who has transformed himself into a cloud of nanobots.

This is dumb, and there’s way too much going on narrative wise, but it’s fun. Sam Enthoven is the author of The Black Tattoo, which I read last year and liked just as much, and he has said that his mission is to write books that will appeal to teenaged boys, as there’s already a bunch for girls. (Sparklepires!, I’m looking at you…) He succeeds, in that the plot, characters and narrative wouldn’t stand up to any sort of serious scrutiny for a second, but things don’t slow down long enough for that to happen. A great deal of London gets demolished, though, so that’s alright…


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