Book The Seventy-Fourth

Survivors by Terry Nation

Adaption of the seventies television show created by Nation about those left behind after a flu-like pandemic kills ninety-nine percent of the population.

This is a fun read, even if it is painfully placed in the seventies, and two of the three main characters are completely useless and never actually do anything except whimper and wait for the third to rescue them or fix things, because, you know, they’re women.

The book loses focus as it goes on. The first half, where Nation is clearly working off the scripts of the original episodes (which he in all likelihood wrote in the first pace) is cohesive, if increasingly episodic, but then he deviates from the plot of the show and goes his own way with the story. Not surprising, really, given that Nation quit as head writer after the first series, citing disagreement with how the later episodes had panned out. The problem is that without specific episodes to chronicle, the book rushes over details and loses cohesion in its attempt to convey years passing.

For all that, it’s an entertaining story, and depending on how strong your tolerance is for stories written before they had invented gender-equality or, I dunno, medical science, then you could do worse than this one.


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