Book The Sixty-Fourth

Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover by Ally Carter

The third in the Gallagher Girls series, which I’ve been keeping pace with for the sake of the children.

Basically the trials of a pack of pretty girls who attend a high school for spies. Pure wish-fulfilment along the lines of Sparklepires!, but they all fall for this. These books are in huge demand not only from the preppie kids, but from the emos as well. It’s horrible.

The thing reads okay if you don’t mind the fact that it’s naff, and it’s over satisfyingly quickly. The really annoying thing is that this seems to just be a set up for the fourth book in the series, but, breaking with the precedent she’s established, Carter doesn’t seem to have already written the fourth before the third comes out. (The reason that is annoying is that the children will be bugging me and bugging me about when the next part is published, as if complaining to me about it is going to make it happen faster. No, really, they’ve done it with other series…)


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