Books The Fifty-Third Through Fifty-Fifth

Heartbreak Soup; Human Diastrophism; Beyond Palomar by Gilbert Hernandez

The three volumes of Gilbert Hernandez’s Palomar/Luba work. Set for the most part in the fictional Mexican village of Palomar, Gilbert’s stories travel back and forth across decades telling the stories of the inhabitants. It is simply a soap opera, but it is moving and affecting, and you come to really care for the characters. I still remember being unemployed, sitting in the public library reading Love and Rockets and my clearest memory is of reaching the end of Human Diastrophism – the final major Palomar story – and sitting there stunned. Magical realism isn’t generally my thing, but I still care for all of the characters from Palomar – they’re realer than many of the real people I know. (Disclaimer: I do hang out with some awful caricatures of humanity…)


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  1. Lily

    What are you talking about, Jack? Magical Realism is everybody’s thing!

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