Book The Fiftieth

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

If you like Sparklepires!, you’ll like this. In fact, it is sort of the anti-Twilight. Girl falls in love with a vampire, sure, but this time, she can read minds, not him! And he’s the one whose mind cannot be read! Oh, and they have a lot of vampire sex. A lot of vampire sex. Harris skips over the sex-scenes as quickly as Stephanie Meyer does, but I’m not complaining, because romance books about vampires are for, you know, children, so really there shouldn’t be too many graphic descriptions in there. (Are you listening, everyone-who-writes-these-stories-who-isn’t-Meyer-or-Harris?)

Easy to read, and better than Twilight, but only really because it’s over sooner, and reeks slightly (slightly, mind) less of a thirteen year old’s wish fulfillment.

And on that: a sparklepires! comic


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