Book The Forty-Fifth

The Ballard Of Halo Jones by Alan Moore

This story is acclaimed as a great feminist space-opera. I don’t get that. It isn’t so much “feminist” as it is “about a woman”. Sure, in the middle of the testosterone filled 2000AD where it was first published, that makes it stands out, as does the fact that Halo Jones didn’t solve all her problems by killing them with guns. Still, I find the claims of feminism disingenuous.

Basically, in the underprivileged and dangerously strange world of the future, a young woman has a series of adventures in the quest to survive and make her life moderately better.

Fun story, with a couple of memorable moments (the character of Glyph made me wince – and almost cry – at every one of his/her/its appearances) and worth a read.


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