Book The Thirty-Fourth

Cults by Robert Schroeder

This is one of those books that seem printed specifically to be placed on a “specials” table – and that is, indeed, where I found it. For all that, it’s pretty good. The first section, on historical cults, was informative and well-written, as was the second section, about cult leaders of note. The final section, about millennial cults, was a let-down. I did wonder why a book published years after 2000 would bother having a section on millennial cults, and the author seems to have wondered the same, as this section is clearly rushed, and without the insight of the first two-thirds of the book. It mostly consists of material repeated from earlier in the book, and the number of typos  strongly implies that it was not done with the care and attention (and basic editing) of the earlier chapters.

Still, for all that, an informative and entertaining way to kill a few hours.


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  1. Josh

    I have that one – and I did indeed find it on a specials table. I think we bought it as a gift, but never actually gave it to anyone. Maybe I will read it some day.

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