Book The Thirty-Third

So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld

A young fashion scout gets embroiled in a conspiracy over a pair of shoes.

This isn’t bad. Scott Westerfeld is the author of the Midnighters trilogy, which all of my children who are too cool to like Twilight have been getting into. This book is like those: undeniably “young adult” in their approach, but standing head and shoulders above their competition. Thinking about this, it sort of rates as a dumbed-down version of No Logo – the same sort of ideas, only distilled into easily manageable snippets interlaced with a fast-paced, intellectually undemanding plot. So if you wanted to get the gist of No Logo without having to crack open that copy you got years ago and never got past chapter one of (it’s no use lying – I know these things about you) then you could do worse than So Yesterday.


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