Book The Twenty-First

Skrull Kill Krew by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar

See, this is fun. In Fantastic Four number 2, back in the 1960s, they fought the Skrulls, shape changing aliens. At the end of the story, Mr Fantastic hypnotises them into turning into (and believing they are) cows and living peacefully in a field.

Cut to some years later, and a pack of disaffected youths develop shape-changing powers that come with crippling headaches and strange visions. Turns out they have all eaten burgers made when the Skrulls were accidentally sent to an abattoir. Now, super-powered, but slowly dying due to what boils down to an alien version of Mad Cow Disease, they dedicate their lives to hunting down the Skrulls that are infiltrating Earth.

A bit ropey in places, but a very entertaining way to kill an hour.


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