Book The Nineteenth

Hero Squared by Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis

A slacker gets a visit from his counterpart on an alternate Earth where he became the world’s greatest superhero. The authors, Giffen and DeMatteis, are famous (or at least well remembered) in the comics world for taking the Justice League of America – at the time a directionless mess plagued by flagging sales – and making it one of the biggest hits of the late-eighties/early nineties by, essentially, turning it into a sitcom. Just serious enough to not descend all the way into farce, was a series about a bunch of guys hanging out doing stuff – the fact that the “guys” were Batman and Green Lantern, and the “stuff” occasionally involved fighting off alien invasions was entirely beside the pint.

Hero Squared is a thematic follow up to that – a comedy-drama where one of the characters just happens to be a super hero. Fun, but maybe a bit self-referential if you’re not a comics geek.


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