Book The Seventeenth

Zombie World: Winter’s Dregs and other stories

Four stories. The titular Winter’s Dregs is a pretty standard zombie tale, opening on a subway, then following the various characters home and to work as they face a zombie invasion. It’s not reinventing the zombie wheel, nor is the third story in the collection, Home for the Holidays, about a family Christmas ruined by the walking dead, but a zombie story is a zombie story, and I liked them. The fourth story, Tree of Death, was marred by the fact that it seemed to be a follow-up to another story that I haven’t read. Fun little tale, but slightly annoying for it. The second story Eat Your Heart Out, was what really made the collection for me. The tale of a socially disfunctional man who finally had the girl of his dreams – now that she was a shambling zombie chained up in his basement – is just messed up enough to make me happy, and is very funny.


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