Book The Eighth

The rise and fall of ECW by Thom Loverro

“You’re banging my wife? I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone else. You owe me money.”

I love wrestling. I love it like fat children love pie; like smackheads love their smack; like my students love sinning and falling pregnant just to annoy me. Which is a lot. It combines the best elements of comic book action, soap opera drama, and violent gay pornography.

Thusly, I enormously enjoyed this book about one of the most popular wrestling promotions of the nineties.

Loverro makes an admirable stab at writing a book that is accessible to people who are not fans of wrestling – and fails miserably. In between books I’m currently reading the King James Bible (What? I’ve never read that translation…) and Loverro’s frequent listing of who won which match when, reminded me of nothing more than the myriad “begats” that clutter Genesis.

You will like this book exactly as much as you like watching wrestling. Take that as a recommendation or a warning.


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