Book The First

Therapy and how to avoid it, by Nigel Planer and Robert Llewellyn

This is a weird little one. Written as a series of supposed conversations  between horribly depressed Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf) and self-professed therapy-expert Nigel Planer (Neil from The Young Ones) this isn’t as funny as you’d think. But the weird thing is; it’s not trying to be. In amidst the jokes, the two convey detailed and accurate summaries of different therapeutic techniques and schools of psychoanalytical thought.

God alone knows if it is still in print (I acquired mine from a Salvation Army store in darkest Manawatu), and it might not be your thing if you’re looking for laugh out loud humour, but if you have an interest in therapy as a concept, and want it explained with some jokes to break up the technical terms, you could do worse than this.


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